Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Money is your GOD."

I'm making a propaganda poster using the CMYK printing process in my screen-printing class, and have come up with a lovely concept concerning some important current issues that I've been pretty passionate about. (If you're not familiar with Occupy Wall St., Occupation and/or 99% project, that is what I'm referring to.)

Really, this is going to be a commentary on the corruption of institutions in general, specifically that of religious institutions (the Catholic Church), corporate establishments and the U.S. government. The idea of "Money is your GOD" being the main focus of this piece, each element plays off the idea that money is put above all else.

A boy in a gas mask prays to a central figure. There is also going to be a girl in a gas mask on the opposite side of the poster.

The Christ-like figure in a business suit, wrapped in the American flag who is holding a stack of bills (which will later be dripping blood through his fingers). His head is a television set that represents the media's corruption, bias and brainwashing.

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